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Photography, 1st Assistant Camera, Camera Operator, Video Assist/Video Playback, Video Camera Operator, Editor, Video

Contact Information:
Tim S. Appel
12951 Larene Dr.
Black Hawk, South Dakota 57718
Home Phone: 605-787-6931
Work Phone: 605-394-8406
Cell Phone: none
Fax: none

My goal is to continue working for a company of integrity with values and to develop creative christian films with a message of hope. A strong moral grounding is extremely important. I believe in going above and beyond what I am asked. I am driven, self motivated and have a great love of film and video. Attention to detail and the overall picture is very important to me. I am inventive, creative and will help my crew succeed in all aspects of business. A Team player and extremely respectful to my co-workers and employer. Working hard and working long hours until a job is done well is a core belief of mine. Ongoing research and preparation after work hours are over will breed success.

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