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Contact Information:
Stephen O. Stenson, MEd., MBA
1-D Glendale Lane
Rapid City, South Dakota 57702
Cell Phone: 605-877-2577
Website: currently redigning for lauch summer 2010

Award wining seasoned stress management expert and national business and health care consultant I provide high energy cutting edge stress management motivational seminars and products. Currently writing, filming, directing, and producing a documentary on Stress in America. After 21 years with Banner Health in Arizona serving in the ER/Trauma Service and corporate educator for 30,000 employees I have learned the power of riveting film products to capture and sustain audiences interested in living a healthy life-style. Clients include the United States Department of Defense-Joint Military Family Readiness. Preparing for deployment and strategies for reunification. Other clients include US Dept of Interior, AZ Attorney General's Office, AT&T, UPS, American Bar Association, Phoenix Police Department- Critical Incident Management, and hundreds of medical, educational and spiritual organizations. Seeking to network and build community around creating cutting edge research based stress management and self care video products to enhance productivity in the workplace, and a balanced personal life capable of navigating the unique challenges we all face today. Stephen O. Stenson, MEd, MBA Documentary Producer

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