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Advertising/Public relations, Art Director, Casting, Government offices/permits, Native American Culture Experts/Liasons, Photography, Production Coordination Services, Research

Contact Information:
Jeanne Bedell
P.O. Box 724
Martin, South Dakota 57551
Home Phone: 6056856057
Work Phone: 6056856057
Cell Phone: 6054418383

I am a Native actor, writer, management and research specialist. On a professional level I am currently working on a PhD in educational Psychology. Since film and media and writing resources have come way more often then other opportunities, I have decided to use my education for Native Americans by the use of media and networking. I have a research background, have statistical abilities, blackboard integration and pictel IT experience. I can also run GPS. I also have published photography, have worked and published with various news papers, magazines. My philosphy in film is to bring to the screen authentic representations and histories of Native Americans. I also like the fact that more and more storylines are transitioning towards blending and synthesis of contempoary themes and historical foregrounds. Accurate language and cultural adaptations and representations in movies is important if you are portraying a culture. In the past Native languages and culture were not matched to the storylines, so the future in film with more Native cultural awareness will have to depict accurate scenarios, anthropologically, and historically.

Advertising/Public relations EEO Native American Vet Program Federal Employee and Program Director for events
Art Director Native Artist , academic International artist ,have portfolio
Casting tobi entertainment Margie and Curtis Small, Decatur Texas
Government offices/permits retired government employee, law enforcement federal training and service
Native American Culture Experts/Liasons anishinabeg and Lakota culture liason experiential, academic, publishing
  traditional Ojibwe educator/writer experiential, speaker, film
  traditional Lakota educator Casey Family Program, Spotted Horse Project
Photography reporter/photographer bennett county news (9/13/06)
  photo art-web page designer web page dev
Production Coordination Services M.A. Lakota Leadeship & Managment Oglala Lakota College,S.D.
Research Survey Research OLC, CSTU, Research Partner WRRA
  Community Evaluator Bennett County, SD
  ABD PhD student Ed Psy Capella Univ, MN
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