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Casting, Directing, Grip, Locations Scout, Photography, Producing, Production Office/Assistant, Stunts, Video/Projection, Computer Graphics, Editor, Sound, Graphics, Video/DVD/CD Duplication

Contact Information:
Tristan Damien Barnard
218 East St Anne St
Rapid City, South Dakota 57701
Home Phone: 605 484 1719
Work Phone: 605 484 1719
Cell Phone: 605 484 1719

I'm a 28 year old filmmaking immigrant from Dublin, Ireland. I take great pride in where I come from and I'll always keep it with me where ever I go. I work on large budget studio movies and national TV shows which in the past have included Hidalgo, Treasure Hunters, History Channel's Comanche Warriors and Star Trek to name a few. I work as a Producer, DP, Camera Op, Director, Writer and Actor. I have also worked as a Production Manager, Locations Manager and a Casting Manager.

Native American Culture Experts/Liasons Liason Sonny Richards
Locations Scout Custer's Plan British Broadcast Corporation (BBC)
  Reservation Warparties Midthunder Productions
  Hidalgo Disney
Equipment Canon XL1s camera
  Sony FX-1 HD Camera
  Panasonic P2 HD Camera
Editor, Sound Star Trek Great Bird in the Sky Productions
Directing The Brown Affair B-Squared Productions
  The Front (2007) Malamute Pictures
  Loss Malamute Pictures
Computer Graphics Silent Thunder Midthunder Productions
  Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity
  Star Trek Great Bird in the Sky Productions
Casting Reservation Warparties Midthunder Productions
  Silent Thunder Midthunder Productions
Production Company Malamute Pictures
Production Coordination Services Custer's Plan BBC
  Treasure Hunters NBC
Production Office/Assistant Treasure Hunters NBC
  Hidalgo Disney
Web Development Star Trek Great Bird in the Sky Productions
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